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    CODIA Kayak Fishing SIBAS

    Modern CODIA Kayak fishing SIBAS made of high quality polyethylene. It is a reliable, stable and lightweight kayak. Due to its low weight and length, only 23 kg and 2.85 meters, this model will perfectly complement family holidays. After all, even a teenager can cope with a small kayak! The Codia model will allow your child to be involved in kayaking. And these walks can be perfectly combined with fishing. The CODIA SIBAS fishing kayak is all the more good because it has foot rests that can be adjusted depending on the size of the rower. Codia’s fishing kayak is perfectly controlled with a paddle, lightweight and stable. Despite its compact size, you can fish in it even standing up (with a certain experience and skills). D-rings are installed on the sides of the Codia kayak. In these rings with the help of a safety cord, fasten the oar, fishing rods, lip-grip, pliers, knife and other various small things that may accidentally fall overboard at the most unexpected moment. The frame chair is installed in special grooves on the kayak deck. The design of the chair allows you to adjust the angle of the backrest. By shifting the foot rests forward or backward, a comfortable fit on the kayak is created. Thanks to these settings, it’s much more convenient to sit on a chair in a Codia fishing kayak, because excess muscle tension is relieved.

    Two metal rails on the sides of the kayak are installed to place additional equipment on them. Using special mounts on the railing, you can install a fish finder, spinning holder and other necessary accessories. Kayak for fishing Codia.

    In the dimension of kayaks up to three meters there is always an acute question of dry or airtight storage for things. And only in Sibas kayaks, already in the basic configuration, a spacious triangular hatch is installed in the bow of the CODIA fishing kayak.

    The great advantage of Codia Kayak is its flat deck. On a flat deck, it’s convenient to stand while fishing. The center console molded in the housing has a place for mounting the sonar holder or spinning holder. It also has a cup holder.

    Special preparation of the case for installation of the echo sounder sensor (transducer)!

    The advantage of this model, among other advantages, is the special preparation of the bottom for installing the sounder sensor! At the bottom of the CODIA kayak, a place has been arranged for mounting the transducer of the echo sounder or chart plotter. This training is not in kayaks of such a dimension from other manufacturers!


    Features kayak CODIA Kayak fishing SIBAS.

    • Fishing kayak CODIA SIBAS kayak for fishing steady on water. The large width of the kayak, and this is 83 cm, provides safety and comfort parameters.
    • Comfort of fit is guaranteed by adjustable foot rests.
    • Adjustable backrest angle of a comfortable chair.
    • Special preparation of the case for installation of the echo sounder sensor (transducer)!
    • At the bottom of the deck there are 8 holes for draining the water that gets outside – wave, rain. These openings are sealed with sealed rubber plugs.
    • The sturdy aluminum frame of the chair is covered with mesh synthetic material. The chair is easy to install and remove. The fabric can be removed and washed. The chair is quickly ventilated from excessive moisture.
    • Railing system on the sides of the Codia kayak for mounting various holders!
    • In the fore and in the central part, as in most of our models, there are airtight compartments with a hatch. In these lockers you put the necessary stuff – dry spare clothes, a jacket, a mobile phone, a sandwich or bait.
    • Between the bow and center hatches there is a console on which an adjustable spinning holder is mounted.
    • The cover of the central hatch can be used as a stand for the echo sounder. A battery can be placed inside the locker to provide power to the fishfinder or other instruments. In addition, through the hole in the body of the kayak, you can pull the cord (wire) from the sonar sensor.
    • At the bottom of the CODIA SIBAS kayak body there is a place for mounting the sonar sensor and it is possible to bring the signal wire out through the body, thereby ensuring a neat connection of all the necessary wires.
    • We installed two hidden spinning holders for fishing on the back and front of the rower. Each holder is closed with an airtight plug to prevent water or leaves, branches from trees from getting inside.
    • In the stern, next to the handle for carrying the Codia kayak, there is a hole for draining water and ventilation of the kayak body.

    Standard options:

    • Kayak for fishing SibasCodia
    • Cargo area at the stern and a rubber bungee cord for securing luggage.
    • 2 adjustable foot rest
    • 4 rod holders.
    • 8 drainage drain holes with airtight plugs.
    • Drain cover.
    • A sealed locker with a hatch in the center of the kayak is equipped with a bag for luggage.
    • Cup holder poured into the housing on the center console.
    • Large triangular luggage hatch in the bow of the kayak.
    • Hole for mounting the sonar sensor (transducer)
    • two sturdy carry handles on the sides in the center of the kayak.
    • two “soft” handles in the bow and stern
    • “parking” for the oar – on both sides!
    • stadium seat
    • seat latch

    Additionally, you can order in our store:

    • life vest
    • adjustable fishing rod holder (in a regular place it is possible to install up to two pieces)
    • kayak trolley
    • paddle


  • Specifications
    23 kg
    285 × 83 × 31 cm
    Длина (см)
    Ширина (см)
    Высота (см)
    Грузоподъёмность (кг)

    29 Camo, 57 desert camo

    Рулевое управление
    Наличие рулевого управления в данной комплектации. Опция.
    Материал, Состав

    Polyethylene LLDPE / HDPE Exxon Mobile USA

    Стойкость к ультрафиолету (UV-resistant)

    8 degree

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