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Professional kayak for fishing. It has a large capacity. Suitable for use in various weather conditions. Equipped with necessary accessories for comfortable fishing. Wide, stable, safe kayak Fishman Sibas

34 kg
430 × 80 × 36 cm
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Features of the kayak TIMO Kayak fishing SIBAS.

  • Stable on water.
  • Keeled nose and feed for stable water movement.
  • Easy to control the direction when rowing.
  • Suitable for recreation or fishing.
  • Two vaults with waterproof liners allow the rower to store personal items.
  • Behind the rower mounted hidden holders spinning. Each holder is closed with an airtight plug to prevent water or leaves, branches from trees from getting inside.
20 kg
265 × 83 × 36 cm

Kayaking is addictive!

Kayak fishing SIBAS, Fishing kayak SIBAS, Kayak fishing is addictive! – where does it come from? From ancient times on the continents of our planet Earth for the movement on the water made various vessels. And they were of different sizes – depending on the needs of the owner. We will not delve into the history of shipping and shipbuilding. But I will say that for fishing and hunting small, lively, light, roomy and durable boats have always been needed.

Fishermen in kayaks – more and more often they are found in large reservoirs and small streams.

Narrow boat with a pointed nose and a narrowed stern,

driven and paddled Such a brief description is suitable for every kind of small boat that will be discussed – kayak, canoe.
These types of boats were invented in ancient times. In different regions of our planet, people used small boats for hunting and fishing, for navigating the water in various conditions. They were made from convenient and affordable materials that are common in the area and adapted to local weather and seasonal conditions. For example, kayaks built Eskimos, Aleuts and Chukchi, and an Indian built a canoe. As a result, the canoes were open, and the kayaks and canoes were equipped with an apron to protect the rower from cold water.


The kayak, canoe and kayak differences are described in more detail on our Facebook page. Kayak Fishing League Kayak fishing SIBAS SIBAS.

The main part of any vessel, including a kayak, is the hull.

Modern high quality polyethylene is an excellent material for the manufacture of many human products. For the production of kayaks brand “SIBAS” (“SIBAS”) used imported polyethylene from the well-known oil magnate “ExxonMobil Corporation“, which provides its raw materials for about 70% of global manufacturers.

Thanks to its construction, the bend body of the kayak allows you to move quickly using both the paddle and the pedal or electric drive. Yes Yes! Pedal and electric! Using modern achievements of technology, it is possible to accelerate a kayak over 15 km / hour! There are also cases when kayak gasoline engines of low power are installed. But then all the aesthetics of kayaking is already lost – the smell of gasoline, the roar of the engine …. Yes, as stated in the words of the most famous commentator, “We don’t need such hockey!”

Space and comfort

Each model of a fishing kayak SIBAS is thought out at the design stage. Dry lockers, spacious compartments for voluminous things, supports and consoles for instruments and fishing rods, containers for water, things or catch. Everything – in order to have order on board, was comfortable. All kayak fishing SIBAS models have a spacious cargo area behind the seat. Thermoboxing can be installed on such a platform or a sealed bag, tied with a special cord of rubber cord – the so-called “bungee”. In order to prevent the accumulation of water or rain inside the kayak, it collects along special grooves and flows out through the holes. And so that the water does not come from the bottom, these holes are closed with plugs. Depending on the size of the kayak and the number of partitions on the hull of such openings there may be a dozen.

Stability, safety, payload

The wide hull of a fishing kayak SIBAS is designed in such a way that the angler does not limit himself to fishing methods. After all, for the process of catching jerkies or pike mitts,it is more convenient and more correct to stand on a fishing trip! I’m not talking about fly fishing. For accurate and long-range casting, you need to see the target as clearly as possible and correctly estimate the distance to it. See also surrounding disturbances and obstacles. That is why one of the main parameters of the kayak in terms of sustainability is its width. Kayak Fishing SIBAS is designed and manufactured at least 80 cm wide. In the aggregate, the parameter “length-width-height” of a kayak for fishing determines its “cubature” volume of the hull. This parameter basically determines the weight of the boat and its load capacity. In the on-line store SIBAS.COM.UA you can decide on the choice of kayak on the parameters of the buyer.

What is a good SIBAS kayak?

Polyethylene ExxonMobile Corp. durable and does not require special care. Durable material is hard to scratch. The hull withstands the impact of stones and collisions with water obstacles. ,

The body of the kayak SIBAS is made by rotational molding, it has a one-piece construction. Polyethylene is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and can be under direct sunlight for a long time. The case material is not affected by both low and high temperatures, the effects of acids and alkalis.

A rich palette of colors – for a look, aesthetics, disguise.

The layout of the interior space is thought out with the participation of leading anglers.

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