Kayak Fishing

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17 357.50 грн

Special preparation of the case for installation of the echo sounder sensor (transducer)!

The advantage of this model, among other advantages, is the special preparation of the bottom for installing the sounder sensor! At the bottom of the CODIA kayak, a place has been arranged for mounting the transducer of the echo sounder or chart plotter. This training is not in kayaks of such a dimension from other manufacturers!

As a gift for your purchase – an oar, a seat and an adjustable spinning ball holder!
23 kg
285 × 83 × 31 cm
29 150 грн31 535 грн

Professional kayak for fishing. It has a large capacity. Suitable for use in various weather conditions. Equipped with necessary accessories for comfortable fishing. Wide, stable, safe kayak Fishman Sibas

34 kg
430 × 80 × 36 cm
20 272.50 грн

Reliable, stable and lightweight GRAN SIBAS kayak with steering in the kit with a length of 3.3 meters weighs only 26 kg.

26 kg
330 × 83 × 31 cm
11 395 грн
Features kayak LANGO Kayak fishing SIBAS.
  • Tested and put into practice – convenient location of the built-in spinning holders. A pair of rear holders is located just behind the back. Therefore, intuitively extending a hand behind your back, you install or take the rod. Those holders that are in front of the rower are located at arm’s length and absolutely do not interfere with using the paddle and rowing.
22 kg
295 × 80 × 38 cm
24 857 грн 24 380 грн

Standard options:

1 center hath as console (size: 72 * 18.7 cm)
Two round sealed hatches
Large triangular sealed compartment with a hatch in the bow
2 adjustable steps, which are controlled by a kayak (steering drive)
2 flush fishing rod holders
rudder system

Kayak Carrying Handles
water drain cover
6 waterproof holes with plugs
1 bungee

paddle parking

40 kg
360 × 84 × 35 cm
8 983.50 грн 8 480 грн

Due to its low weight and length, only 16 kg and 2.4 meters, this model will perfectly complement family recreation.

16 kg
240 × 82 × 28 cm
10 573.50 грн

Features of the kayak TIMO Kayak fishing SIBAS.

  • Stable on water.
  • Keeled nose and feed for stable water movement.
  • Easy to control the direction when rowing.
  • Suitable for recreation or fishing.
  • Two vaults with waterproof liners allow the rower to store personal items.
  • Behind the rower mounted hidden holders spinning. Each holder is closed with an airtight plug to prevent water or leaves, branches from trees from getting inside.
20 kg
265 × 83 × 36 cm