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  • Description

    Fishman Kayak Fishing SIBAS sit-on-top.

    Do you need a kayak for fishing, hunting? Or are you a professional photographer and are looking for new emotions and landscapes?

    Fishman fishing kayak Sibas is suitable for use in various natural and weather conditions. We have been fond of fishing for a long time and therefore have equipped the kayak with the necessary accessories for comfortable fishing and travel.

    Let’s try to figure out why fishing on a kayak attracts.

    If you can reach the shore, then you already have the opportunity to lower the kayak into the water. And there is no need to look for greater depth – most fishing kayaks will swim in 15 centimeters of depth when loading 160 – 180 kg. Not only does it facilitate access to water, but these places may not be accessible to ordinary boats.

    As soon as you find yourself on the water, other possibilities will become clear. You can quietly and quietly pass into a secluded bay. The fish becomes more cautious every year, and the kayak practically makes no sounds.

    It is good to know that even in such a fast time we find an opportunity to communicate with nature. Kayak fishing takes us back to basics and zooms out.

    Modern fishing kayaks offer a variety of solutions for storing and accommodating gear and accessories. But there are still restrictions on what you can take with you. A couple – three spinning, various baits, leashes. With each trip, you will be more prudent to treat your kayak. At the same time, not only will you be able to better use the selected group of baits, but also strengthen confidence in them.

    This model kayak – increased payload. This moment will provide you with additional security. And that is why the FISHMAN SIBAS model is most suitable for long journeys, because now you can take with you even more essential things. Even a supply of firewood for a fire or a spare bottle of drinking water.

    In addition, strong-built anglers can feel comfortable and safe while fishing or when navigating through open water. It is convenient to fish as sitting on the chair, and standing.

    The easiest way to catch fish is to go ashore and cast a fishing rod. However, a person is never content with what he already has. He is trying to get what is currently unavailable …

    Features kayak fishing model FISHMAN Kayak Fishing SIBAS sit-on-top

    • The steering system is controlled by the legs. Therefore, the direction of movement is very easy and convenient to control with the help of legs. In this case, the hands are freed and additional opportunities for the fisherman, hunter or photographer appear.
    • Large carrying capacity with a small dead weight – up to 300 kg. Because the durable robust body of the kayak is designed for high loads.
    • FISHMAN SIBAS kayak is very stable on the water. The width of the hull is 80 cm. This provides excellent safety and stability in the fishing process.
    • Therefore, you can fish while standing!
    • Another advantage is the high speed of movement due to good hydrodynamics.
    • Behind the seat you can install a specialized airtight container, and you can put your own clothes, shoes and other personal belongings in it, and, of course, you can use it as a container for storing fish. Storage size: 96 * 50 * 18 cm.
    • Having three storages on the body of a kayak (one oval, one central, one round) you can put a lot of things into them. This will ensure order and comfort during fishing or travel.

    Standard options:

    1 oval sealed hatch (size: 51 * 29 cm)
    1 center hath as console (size: 72 * 18.7 cm)
    Round sealed hatch (size: diameter 20.5 cm)
    2 adjustable foot rest
    2 flush fishing rod holders
    rudder system
    water drain cover
    8 waterproof plugs
    2 bungees
    4 plastic handles

    paddle parking

    Additionally, you can order in our store:

    • paddle
    • life vest
    • portable water storage (water tank)
    • deluxe back seat or upgraded stadium style seat
    • adjustable fishing rod holder (in regular places it is possible to install no more than 2 pcs.)
    • kayak trolley



  • Specifications
    34 kg
    430 × 80 × 36 cm

    29 Camo, 57 desert camo

    Рулевое управление
    Наличие рулевого управления в данной комплектации. Опция.
    Материал, Состав

    Polyethylene LLDPE / HDPE Exxon Mobile USA

    Стойкость к ультрафиолету (UV-resistant)

    8 degree

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