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A unique opportunity to have fun – move on a kayak using electric traction! Keeping all the advantages and conveniences of fishing from a kayak, you get extra speed and maneuverability with the installed electric motor *.

Features of a kayak for fishing of the EVO model Kayak fishing SIBAS with an electric drive * (* -option)

  • The steering system is controlled by the legs. Therefore, the direction of movement is very easy and convenient to control with the help of legs. In this case, the hands are freed and additional opportunities appear.
  • In the central part of the kayak there is a removable storage, which can also be used as a child seat. If necessary, it can be removed.
  • Instead of a central storage, you can install an electric motor.
  • The aluminum side handles are installed on the case and now it is more convenient to hold the kayak with one hand or lift it together.
  • On both sides there are slats for installing an adjustable spinning holder, and 2 hidden holders are mounted behind the chair.
  • A rich palette of color solutions – more than 50 color options for the kayak body.

Standard options:

Oval airtight hatch (size: 51 cm * 29 cm)
Removable baby seat
2 adjustable foot rest
6 D-shaped buttons
2 flush fishing rod holders
rudder system
1 water drain plug
8 waterproof plugs
1 bungee
3 plastic handles, 2 aluminum side handles

paddle parking

35 kg
380 × 82 × 30 cm
Наличие привода педального, электрического. Опция
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Waterproof kayak container LION EVO FISHMAN SIBAS. The shape of the aft luggage compartment of kayaks of the LION, EVO, FISHMAN models from SIBAS corresponds to the shape of the proposed thermal box container.

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