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  • Description

    Waterproof kayak container LION EVO FISHMAN SIBAS

    Waterproof kayak container LION EVO FISHMAN SIBAS. The shape of the aft luggage compartment of kayaks of the LION, EVO, FISHMAN models from SIBAS corresponds to the shape of the proposed thermal box container.

    What is it needed for?

    Many ways to use this container.

    • Just pour water!” – In such a box you can transport any liquids without fear that they will spill. In addition, in this container you can store the caught fish or vice versa – bait fish, bait on which other fish are caught.
    • and the inverse function is to prevent wet personal things.
    • The container is placed in the aft platform and fixed with a harness. A regular place for such boxing is provided in the kayaks Lion, EVO, Fishman from SIBAS.
    • It is possible to use with other models of kayaks, if transported by water. This option is also provided – the container is sealed.
  • Specifications
    4 kg

    Black, Gray, White

    Материал, Состав

    Polyethylene LLDPE / HDPE Exxon Mobile USA

    Стойкость к ультрафиолету (UV-resistant)

    8 degree

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